frequently asked questions


Does Pepper Sisters accept reservations?

Yes, for large parties–6 people or more.

Do you serve vegetarian entrees?

Yes!  Almost half our menu is vegetarian, with vegan options too.

I’m gluten-free. . .

Say no more, we have your back! Corn tortillas aplenty!

What is Southwest cuisine?

This is the food of the American Southwest, for us primarily New Mexico. The unique cuisine developed over years from the blending and melding of foods traditional to native Americans, Mexicans, and white settlers. Often sounding similar to “Mexican” food, (enchiladas, burritos, tostadas), New Mexican features different sauces and side dishes, with an emphasis on the earthy flavors of chilis, beans, and corn. Also signature to New Mexican cuisine, each entree is served with a sopaipilla.

What is a sopaipilla?

Literally translated to “sofa pillow,” sopaipillas are puffy fry bread, native to New Mexico, traditionally served with honey butter. Especially wonderful paired with red chili sauce, says Susan!

Who are the Pepper Sisters?

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked this question! Okay, straight answer: it’s a culinary name, for the green and red chili peppers prominent in New Mexican cuisine; those are the sisters! But also, there’s room for interpretation. Our staff tends to be fairly woman-centric, so in a way, we are ALL the Pepper Sisters.

What is posole?

It’s a hominy stew, native to the Southwest. Ours is vegetarian, (it’s often paired with pork), made with fresh hominy, stewed with tomato, onion and garlic, oregano, and cumin.

Is everything really spicy?

No! Typically, New Mexican food isn’t incendiary. True, our red chili and chipotle sauces do have some kick.

Why don’t you open for lunch?

Short answer: we don’t want to (wink).